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Siyanqoba Duba

Counselling Psychologist

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About me

Hi there, pleased to meet you! I am Siyanqoba Duba, a Counselling Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of HealthCare Funders (BHF). I am in a private practice based in Pretoria (Hatfield), South Africa, working with individuals experiencing various mental health concerns and psychological disorders. 


I provide evidence-based counselling and psychotherapeutic services suitable for my clients' diverse mental health needs and personal challenges collaboratively and respectfully. I also offer psychological assessment services.

I have been trained in various therapeutic approaches and techniques. My professional background spans across diverse settings, including rehabilitation centres, private psychiatric hospitals, and the military health unit. 

My key areas of interest are Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Bereavement, Trauma, Stress Management, Adjustment difficulties/Life transitions, Relationship/Marital difficulties, Personal Development, Self-esteem, and Work/Academic related challenges. 

Qualifications: BA (UP), BSocSc Hons. Psych. (UP)

                      MSocSc Counselling Psych. (UFS)


Services Offered

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Individual Therapy

Facing obstacles in life is inevitable. Thers's no single "right way" to react, and some of us are more deeply affected by events than others. The primary goal of individual therapy is to increase the understanding of one's experiences, behavioural and thought patterns to help improve overall functioning, well-being, and quality of life. ​ I provide individual counselling and psychotherapeutic services to adolescents and adults dealing with normal day-to-day challenges, adjustment and phase of life issues, anger management, work/academic-related concerns, grief and bereavement, self-esteem and/or other personal development needs, and mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, stress and trauma related concerns, substance abuse, etc.


Couples Therapy

Most relationships will face conflict or challenges from time to time, and there are many ways to handle it so it is not destructive to you individually, or as a couple. Couples therapy aims to provide partners with the tools and space to navigate the experienced challenges and/or to enhance the quality of the relationship. ​ I provide pre-marital counselling, and couples counselling services to intimate partners/spouses faced with various challenges such as ineffective communication style, poor conflict resolution, dissatisfaction in the relationship, and other general relationship challenges such as coping with various stressors, infidelity, loss of intimacy, divorce, separation, and breaking up, etc.

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Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment - also known as psychological testing - entails the process of evaluating one's abilities, behaviour, and other characteristics through standardized tests, observations, and self-report measures. Psychological testing is done to enable psychologists to better understand an individual and provide critical insight into the individual's thoughts, behaviour, skills and/or competencies, and personality. I offer a range of psychological assessment services including Personality testing, School Readiness, Scholastic, Subject choice, and Career assessments to children (5+ years), adolescents, and adults. A psychological assessment report will be provided at the end of this process.


  • The practice is affiliated with most medical aid schemes, therefore, payment is either charged on your medical aid or cash.​

  • Cash consultations are payable by Cash/EFT on the day, after your scheduled appointment. ​

  • Medical aid consultations will be charged as per the medical aid rates. 



4th floor, Unit 410

Hatfield Plaza Office Tower

1122 Burnett Street

Hatfield Pretoria




Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

08h00 – 18h30 


08h30 – 15h00



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